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Reasons Why Real Madrid did not respect Ronaldo like Barça does to Messi revealed.

They have different backgrounds. Real Madrid are a more business oriented club which thirst for glory as well, since more trophies mean more fame and money. It's really not uncommon for them to do these things:

Sacking the manager who only won 1 trophy. Selling good players when their fame starts to decline, despite them still being good. (Makalele, Ozil, Di Maria, and so on) Same to Christiano

Buying a star player without considering tactics and their roles, leaving the coach with a headache. How would you play Raul, Ronaldo, Figo, Beckham, Zidane without a proper defensive midfield? Same goes to James, Isco, Cristiano, Bale, Modrić, Kroos. If Zidane can't convince the owner, Casemiro will be gone at the cost of team balance, which they never considered.

Barcelona, at another side, aren't that much of a business club. They don't sell their players when they can contribute to good for the team. They care more for their players and put strong emphasis on player ability to contribute to the team rather than their business value. One will say Barca sold Neymar, no Neymar betrayed Barca rather.

However, the main factor is how they found Messi. Messi was a 13-year-old boy with such great talent but a hormone problem inhibited him. A Barcelona scout saw him as a hidden diamond which would glow once treated well.They spent so much on this kid's education, therapy, training, and so much more. Messi developed as well as they predicted. So they started to build the team around him for ages. Messi is more than just a player. They won't just dump someone who grew with them while cost them thousands in investment.

Real Madrid's point of view is just that they can get anyone they wanted to, so losing a player is not a big deal. Nobody realizes that such talent might only come once in a lifetime. Moreover, Cristiano only came after he was 24

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