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Adebayor reunites with Funny face

Emmanuel Adebayor Sheyi, is a Togolese professional footballer who plays as a striker. He current national team is Togo national football team. He was former captain for Togo. He

has played for English clubs like Arsenal, Tottenham Hotspur, Manchester among others. News has it that Emmanuel Adebayo has reunited with comedian, Funny Face. It seems there

used to be some misunderstanding between these two but when Adebayor heard of the current situation of his friend, Funny, he went to the Psychiatric Hospital to pay him a visit as

he is receiving treatment.

The issue was at a result of the beef between comic actor Lil Wayne in 2020. It happened that Adebayor advised Funny Face not to hold any grudge between Lil Wayne but it seems

Funny Face did not pay heed to the advice Adebayor shared. As a result, there was a cut off leading these two to go separate ways. After the break of friendship, it seems Funny Face

is encountering lots of troubles as compared to the time he was friends with Adebayor. From court issues to the Psychiatric Hospital.

Adebayor thought it wise to go to the aid of his long time friend although they had issues. In effect, these two have come together again as friends.

Content created and supplied by: NanaOphori_TuoSaphoro (via Opera News )

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