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FIFA World Cup

Ghana's chances of winning the World Cup as a favorite?

For any national team or athlete, winning the World Cup is the pinnacle achievement.

African teams have progressed to the World Cup quarterfinals on three occasions, but the hopes of Cameroon, Senegal, and Ghana have faded as the lure of a spot in the final looms large.

Each time, the disappointment of defeat was offset by the hope that the continent's talent was maturing and that subsequent tournaments would see a genuine change.

The best side, as is always the case in tournament football, does not always win.

Many people claim that Ayew, Asamoah, and other great footballers will never honestly be considered the best of all time until they have received the game's most prestigious award.

Looking back through the history of the World Cup, there have been many era-defining teams that have come up short.

Aside from the obvious favourites, there are a few prominent underdogs worth watching, such as Senegal, Angola, and Egypt.

If one of these continental behemoths can combine wise stewardship with talented squads, one of Africa's conventional powerhouses may be able to build on the work of their forefathers and become the continent's first international champions.

Each of the three teams is a frequent participant in the tournament and has a long history of producing elite-level players who punch above their weight on the international stage.

The South African national team is another underdog, and the rise in popularity of football in the country has helped them improve their fortunes, but not to the level of success they would like.

Ghana could possible be the next African nation to win the world Cup, In reality, many of the players that competed in the recent African and World Cup tournaments had previously played for Europe's major nations' youth teams,if they build upon their experience and have a strong team spirit then victory is not far from Ghana.

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