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Checkout the Ghanaian, whose twitter message was sent to Cristian Ronaldo’s direct WhatsApp number

Every individual has a celebrity he or she admires. It could be in music, movie or even sports. People write things on tweeter everyday about their fans. Some celebrities see and ignore whiles others sometime see and interact with their fans. 

One Ghanaian tweeter user who goes by the username Jeff_Tymer who is a fan of the legendary Christiano Ronaldo has tweeted a message and has been directly sent to the WhatsApp number of the superstar. According to the tweet, it said, “Christiano Ronaldo has achieved everything in football with the exception of relegation so he should join Arsenal”

Pierce Morgan who is also called Piers Stefan Pughe-Morgan who happens to be an English broadcaster, journalist, writer, and television personality copied what Jeff Tymer wrote and sent it to Christiano Ronaldo. Pierce also tweeted, “I did try, Gooners…..but my sails pitch failed. This means that pierce jokingly wanted Cristiano Ronaldo to join Arsenal so he could fulfill the dream of Jeff_Tymer but it failed. According to Jeff Tymer, this is the first time his message has attracted attention from celebrities like Pierce Morgan, and has even gone into the dm of arguably the greatest footballer of all time. 

This also drew much attention from many Ghanaians as they wished him luck and congratulated him on his success. Many people also noticed something as many people tweeted about how, Christiano Ronaldo did not reply Morgan’s texts. However, with Jeff Tymer, he was extremely happy for the opportunity because not everybody can get the opportunity he has gotten. 

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