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Revelations emanating from black stars camp as Ghana humiliatingly exit the AFCON tournament

After the embarrassing withdrawal of black stars from the AFCON2021 tournament, revelations circulating the camp suggest horrifying secrets lollygagging in the team.

Shockingly, eight packages were delivered to black star players for spell purposes.

Kurt Okraku, the GFA president's bodyguard joined the security of the black stars. A man named, Jackson as well as Sule who is believed to be Kurt's driver was also part of the entourage of the team.

Confoundingly, three players were injured and could in no way feature in the tournament but were called up to the tournament. Mohammed Kudus, David Abagna, Mubarak Wakasu could in no way play in the tournament as they were horridly injured but the leaders of the team hid it from Ghanaians and called them up to the camp just to receive appearance money for representing at the tournament. Dede Ayew was sick but was given injections just to be able to play which he played abysmally in the nutshell.

No single member of the management team went ahead to monitor facilities in Cameroon before the tournament commenced. Kurt Okraku, the GFA president never felt the need to meet with the supporters that were sent to support the black stars. He never met them in Cameroon to find out if they were safe and comfortable or vice versa whilst other FA presidents from other countries met their fans and ensured their safety.

There are staggering divisions in the black star players. A spiritualist or a fetish priest was transported from Ghana to Cameroon by a player. The fetish priest went into the player's room at 1:00 am to perform his incantations or spells. His incantations couldn't make the players sleep soundly as it was so loud.

The hotel the players lodged in had a nightclub operating as a business. People from all walks of life patronised this nightclub to have fun and fraternise with the players who were supposed to be focused on the tournament. Some of the players were seen partying at the nightclub and then went on to play the match the following day. The nature of the music was so loud in such a way that it made the players uncomfortable at the hotel.

Some players feel entitled that the black stars belong to them so even in the poorest forms they would still be the ones on the pitch to play. This had aggrieved the other players and has made them uncommitted.

Some of the players feel their career is being threatened by the incessant juju activities transpiring at the camp. The management team of black stars is a problem and should be disbanded.

Looking at the situations at the camp, black stars cannot win a trophy in the next ten years if proper planning is not done. The black stars camp is divided and the players were frustrated. This has brought mistrust to the team. Mistrust by the ministry and the GFA over winning and qualification bonuses. The players always claim "they are heavy and they have no trust in the coach".

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