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After 39 Years in Coma, Former PSG/Senegalese Player Jean Pierre has died at age 73

News Reaching Dailynews360 can confirm the passing away of Former Senegalese and PSG defender Jean Pierre Adams. The player has been in Coma since the year 1982 which amounts to 39 years since he went off. Jean Pierre Adams had a tore ligament, and in the process to put him to sleep for a surgery the anaesthetist gave him an overdose of anesthesia drug which placed the player to eternity sleep.This mistake by the anaesthetist paralyzed the player and left him motionless in bed and was on live support machines over the years. He was fined $815 and was suspended for a month. His wife Bernadette promised not to leave his husband and has been with him over the 39 years whiles in Coma.

check out a picture of his wife now

The player had two sons with his wife, but couldn’t be awake to father them. This is a sad day for the football community. May he Rest In Peace.

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