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Do you remember Lot's wife who turn pillar of salt? This is how it looks presently.

The antiquities have got a lot to tell mankind about the enigmatic handworks of God. A supreme being whose omnipotence has been obvious from the inception of creation. Some of HIS ancient mysteries HE effected still remain evident and palpable to demonstrate his absolute dominion. The famous bible story about Lot's wife, who turned a pillar of salt is still evident till date.

Several years ago, the inimical inclination of the inhabitants of sodom and Gomora saw the land ridden with extreme evil which slowly infuriated JAH. Lot and his family were exceptions from the fury and were instructed to move elsewhere to evade an imminent tribulation on the Land. The instruction also required the desperate family to flee quickly and empty handed without looking behind. An instruction Lot wife refused to heed and turned into a pillar of salt. Lot got to the designated destination of solace with his two daughters only. The pillar of salt is still erected and intact where it was formed and the pictures can be seen below.

The longstanding monolith is one of the massive demonstration of JAH's omnipotence. Sodom and Gomora was completely destroyed with sulphur and fire which precipitated from the heavens to exterminating it's inhabitants.

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