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What Pique Said, I Won't Take It With hard Feelings (Mbappe)

The match between FC Barcelona and the Ligue one giants "Paris Saint Germain" has brought many controversies due to the failure of Barcelona to win at Comp Nou for the first leg.

Some of the fans are making a comparison that, Mbappe is better than Pique because of the poor performance of Barca defense on the Tuesday clashed. Pique has made a statement that, Mbappe need to win more trophies like Messi, Ronaldo and himself before he can be among the elite level.

The 22 years youngster told his fans that, it is not an insult to him but rather an advice because Pique has ran so many races and won them with Barcelona and Spain. He then admitted that, you need to win more big international trophies across the Europe, so winning first leg against Barcelona doesn't mean I am the European champion already because I have to achieved more to be able to reach their level.

The important thing is to put your best in every competition but not to be comparing yourself with others, the key factor is to always win for your team and I am very happy with what he said.

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