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Let's be business minded association and stop the entertainment aspect of the game

The GFA has brought some initiative which we need to support by pushing the young ones into the game. Our league lacks competent officials but this 'catch them young policy' is one of the best. They should not just state the phrase to attract money from FIFA and CAF to be spent on themselves. If we are prepared to be an association, there shouldn't be no other emergency committee to misuse the funds for something different and should be spent on the kids for a brighter future.

One will say what is money to this young ones?. But what is this small money too going to do to this big men in the football realm. We talk entertainment and speak football/sports as a language and that's all. We need to be focus as a nation and delve in business aspect of the game. What happened just last year at Offinso road shows the intensity of the treatment that goes down to our colts football.

"We ask the young ones to have passion for the game and country at heart. But the reality is that there is no money at GFA coffers now and the regional football association will have to take care of their welfare with something small. We are looking forward to the government to also come in their aid to support the boys to overcome many obstacle" Samuel Anim Addo Exco member spoke.

The issue still remains that, what is GFA also doing to help the kids. They first made mention of the RFA and then the government but have taken themselves out of the equation. If we meant business as a football nation let treat it as such but not to diverse the case to talk about passion. Passion without proper motivation is dead and gone.

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