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List of potential Africa’s radar stars of 2020

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Here are Africans potential eleven through Africans unsung heroes of the last one year.

Willy Boly

This football season hasn’t been as expected for the defender and his team mates, though Willy Boly has become an incredible international after contributing a lot to his side the Ivory Coast.

Diadie Samassekou

He has currently been leading the way in the German league for both tackle per match and interception per match, there so far hasn’t been a defender in the division who can attack the Malians for defensive contribution right now. Despite Diadie a 24 years older contribution to Hoffebheim, the joint Leakiest defense in the German bundesliga.

Frank Anguissa

His international first season in Fulham was a miss as the English side had gone on relegation at their first attempt. During the 2018-2019 season was a miserable experience. He discovered his form on a loan to Villarreal and a rumor was said to link him to Real Madrid.

Andrew Dede Ayew

It’s with no doubt that the 31 year old Ghanaian midfielder supposedly does not in the prime hour of his career want to play in the championship with Swansea city. Ayew has contributed 16 goals and contributed 7 assists to drag his aide to the second position. A rumor has it that the Ghanaian international could be linked to a move to PSG.

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