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New exile for Eritrean refugees fleeing Ethiopia

Among the huge number of individuals escaping the five-week-old clash in Ethiopia's Tigray district are a couple dozen men, ladies and youngsters from Eritrea, one of the world's most tyrant states. 

They were at that point living as outcasts in Tigray, which had for quite some time been a place of refuge for them during long stretches of contention and restraint in Eritrea. 

Yet, when Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed's administration dispatched a military activity against Tigray's decision party, the Eritrean displaced people's dream of wellbeing was broken as viciousness heightened around their camps. 

"Unexpectedly fighters went to our camp and they began shooting," Kheder Adam told AFP in a Sudanese displaced person camp. "The circumstance was intense. There was a ton gunfire." 

Kheder and his family had initially gotten comfortable one of the displaced person camps in the Sheraro zone of Tigray close to the Eritrean outskirt around two years prior, he said. 

For quite a long time, Ethiopia and Eritrea had been formally in a condition of war. 

In 2018, Abiy took power, finishing long stretches of political strength by the Tigray People's Liberation Front - sworn adversaries of Eritrean President Isaias Afwerki. 

Abiy and Afwerki consented to a notable harmony arrangement that very year, winning the Ethiopian chief the Nobel Peace Prize. 

After the emotional move in partnerships, Abiy's powers dispatched their activity in Tigray on November 4, Eritreans who had since quite a while ago profited by insurance in Ethiopia seem to have become an objective. 

From that point forward, a couple of Eritrean evacuees have figured out how to get away to Sudan. 

The UN, then, has communicated fears for the security for those still in Tigray, home to exactly 96,000 Eritrean evacuees living in four outcast camps.

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