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Ramos Wants Messi At Madrid; See What He Promised Messi If Messi Signs For Real Madrid

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Nobody knows where Lionel Messi will play next season. What's certain is that no one would say no to signing Messi not even Sergio Ramos. When Ramos was asked how he'd feel if Messi signs for Madrid. This was his answer, having Messi at Real Madrid? He's made us suffer during his best years and it was always a joy not to face him. If he decided to come to Madrid, I'd lend him my house while he was looking for one. I'd be delighted. Just because he'd help you win and get more titles.

Ramos' comments say a lot about his admiration for Messi. It also shows the kind of captain he is, willing to do anything to win. Ramos would put their rivalry to one side for the goal of Real Madrid. But would Ramos join Barcelona If he meant winning more?? This was his reply;

No chance! I like Laporta, I met him once, and he impressed me. But there are things in life that money can't buy. It's something that is impossible. Just like you would never see Xavi and Pique at Madrid. Ramos has Real in his blood and is hugely invested in the club. He even acts a sporting director for Madrid.

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