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After Many Years Of Playing Football, See What Is Happening To These Footballers Now

The love these great men had for football is clearly what made them to venture into the game. Infact, I must say that football is quite an interesting game that has to do with determination and winning against your opponent.

Overtime, football has been seen as the world's most loved sport. However, it's ideal to cheer football players because some of them go through a lot even when we think that all is well with them. We should continue to pray to God that he should uphold them and save them for destruction.

This article will be centering on some men who were previously Football players, and the current state which they have found themselves in. It shows that no condition is permanent, and we can never tell what tomorrow holds for us that's why we have to be prayerful.

Checkout the touching story of these football players:

1.) Kaseem Yebsaya

I thought to myself saying it's been long that I saw Kareem then I did a little research. It's sad that the well-known Kareem is mentally unstable. But reports have it that after he was seen roaming, he was taken to a pyschiatric hospital.

He played with a lot of popular and top clubs but it's so sad to know that he's in this condition today.

2. Sylvester Egbogie

Some of you might be familiar with this man's face, well he was a former football player. Following the disease (diabetes) that cost his legs, Sylvester was forced to quit a game which he had passion for. May God heal him

3. Peter Fregene

Peter suffered from an illness that cost his legs and also got him bedridden. Ever since then, he has not been able to play football and I pray that God will heal him.

Dear readers, you're strong and healthy today but still you are not happy that you haven't gotten some achievements in life. I want you to know that everything is turn by turn, others are enjoying now so celebrate with them because very soon it will be your turn.

Many are not alive today and some are critically sick, but God kept you alive and even in sound health. Why haven't you prayed to God to thank him today?

Please kindly say a short prayer in the comments section, share this post to others, like, and follow me up for more.

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Kaseem Yebsaya


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