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The Bridger Division: New Weight Division Added After A Heroic Display Of A Boy.

The World Boxing Championship has announced that the sanctioning body has created a new weight division in boxing named “The Bridger” division in honour of a six year old called Bridger Walker, who suffered a horrific facial injuries while protecting her younger sister from a dog attack, a horrific ordeal that left the brave young boy requiring 90 stitches in the face.

The WBC also has presented the young boy, Bridger, with a honorary WBC Belt in recognition for his bravery and care for his younger sister.

Where Would The New Boxing Weight Division Slot In?

In Boxing there a lot of weight divisions, this is because of human variations, therefore the different weight divisions will help cut across all weights who are interested to fight. There are about 8-15 weight divisions now in Boxing. Ranging from lightweight to heavyweight.

The New Weight Division named after Bridger will slot itself between Cruiser-Weight and Heavy-Weight division at 200 – 220 lbs (pounds). This new division title is necessary to serve a large number of boxers who are between 200 and 224 lbs (pounds). Meaning there will be no need to loose up or gain weight to be in Cruiser or Heavy Weight when you are around 200 – 220 lbs.

After this wonderful gesture by WBC a lot of boxing fanatics has had different views on this decision by the WBC, some are really impressed by their gesture and called for the other sanctioning bodies to follow suit whiles other are skeptic about this new division saying they are too many.

The Decision to name the new division title after the 6-year-old Bridger Walker is a wonderful gesture, whether or not the division proves to be a success however remains to seen.

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