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GHANA STRONGEST: Shaka Zulu disappoint Fans Today.

Ghana Strongest. The Champion of Champions. Our 10 athletes are ready for today’s tasks. Looking forward to an exciting show. 

Event number 1: Trap Bar Deadlift 250kg 

The first event of the day proving a difficult task for the athletes. Seriously it was very challenging. But Ahmed Boakye, Prosper Dakora and Chilling made excelling in the Trap Bar Deadlift event. 

Events number 2: Duck Walk 120kg. 

This one is for the real men as some walked and was not able to return. Hey!!

Events number 3: Ghacem Stone Medley. The stone from 35kg, 45kg, 75kg and 85kg. A race against time, lifting them one after the other to a Mark point as fast as you can.

 Events number 4: Tyre Flip 250kg: flipping of the tyre require a little bit techniques adding to the strength. So don't be surprised some of them were not able to flip it. 

Shaka Zulu 2 dlip

Mayweather 0 flip 

Boogiedown 5 flips 

Home boy 0 flip 

Power 0 flip 

Bra Atuku 2 flips 

Swat 2 flips 

Ahmed Boakye 1flip 

Amos Chilling 1flip 

Prosper 5 flips 

The winners of today events are:

Third position: Amos Chilling 

Second position: Ahmed Boakye 

First position :prosper Dakora 

Shaka Zulu who was everywhere last week performing very well disappointed fans today as he was no where near win. His performance today was a bit poor!!. Better luck next week.

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Ahmed Boakye Champion of Champions Chilling Ghana Shaka Zulu


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