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The Sun' forced to apologize for denigrating Thomas Partey

UK-based media monster 'The Sun' has been compelled to apologize for utilizing unreasonable language in an anecdote about Arsenal's most recent underwriter, Thomas Partey

Thomas Partey was ostensibly the greatest player to discuss in the ongoing exchange window in the UK as Premier League side Arsenal marked the 27-year-old Ghanaian soccer player for 50 million euros [£45.3m]. 

Numerous media sources composed various types of reports about Partey's large move to the English Premier League (EPL) true to form. 

Notwithstanding, the one story which turned into the most discussed is The Sun's report which portrayed the Ghanaian global as originating from a "neediness stricken presence" and his old neighborhood Krobo Odumase was additionally depicted as a "helpless town". 

Numerous Ghanaians who saw The Sun's story were not enthused about it as they portrayed the media substance as being racially one-sided in their reportage even before the footballer had played his first game for the London side. 

Dzifa Gbeho-Bampoh, a previous Joy News Editor, made the stride of keeping in touch with the Sports Editor of The Sun to address the story and conceivably apologize for the amateurish lead. 

"I was irritated in light of the fact that we should recognize individuals who have pulled themselves up to become something. By depicting him and his old neighborhood as such, we stigmatize him and his old neighborhood and the bigger populace of Ghanaians," Dzifa Gbeho-Bampoh revealed to Joy News. "I was troubled about it and I was really angered. I had a feeling that in the event that I didn't compose anything, I will simply be yelling via web-based media continually. Along these lines, I held up a grievance to see whether there will be any distinction. I am happy that at long last, they valued that there was a requirement for a more nuanced depiction of Partey and his old neighborhood." 

The Sun in their answer to the writer apologized for utilizing awkward language in what ought to have been a "positive" tale about the player's ascent to the EPL. 

"Right off the bat, allowed me to apologize if our article on Thomas Partey caused offense as well as vexed. I am profoundly frustrated that [the] awkward language has eclipsed what was intended to be a positive anecdote about Partey's inconceivable ascent. I have by and by corrected the article following your grumbling and we will attempt not to rehash the slip-ups in future," Alex Peake, Digital Sports Editor composed. 

Thomas Partey moved to Arsenal from Atletico Madrid.

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