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Ashanti Region and Volta- Oti Zone has Finally Ended Their NSMQ

At the end of Round 1 in the Ashanti Region,

Osei tutu shs : 24 points

Jachie Pramso : 04 points

Effiduase SHCS : 00 points

End of Round 2,

Osei Tutu she : 32 points

Jachie Pramso : 06 points

Effiduase SHCS : 00 points

Problem of the day,

Jachie Pramso : 01 point

Effiduase SHCS : 01 point

Osei Tutu SHS : 00 point

Congratulations to the winning school..

Round 4 is still in section. You can guess the winner. Just leave your thoughts in the comment box.

On the other hand in Ashanti Region,

At the end of the contest,

Agogo State College won with 50 points

Kumasi Sec. Tech. seconded with 45 points whilst

Islamic SHS, Kumasi lost with 25 points.

In Volta-Oti Zone,

Problem of the day,.

Sonrise SHS : 06 points

Adidome SHS : 02 points

Vakpo SHS : 01 points

Round 4 ends with:

Sonrise shs : 32 points

Adidome shs : 19 points

Vakpo shs : 13 points

End of contest,

Sonrise SHS won with 32 points

Adidome SHS seconded with 25 points

Vakpo SHS lost with 19 points.

Congratulations to sonrise shs for winning the contest.

Unfortunately, Mawuli school, tsito shs and Dzodze penyi shs on the other hand had 00 point in the problem of the day.

In the second round,

Mawuli school had 32 points

Tsito shs also had 17 points whilst

Dzodze shs lost with 07 points.

Catch the updates on live streaming @NSMQGhana on FB, Twitter and YouTube.


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