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DNA Shows Ghana Football Star not real father of All His 3 Children

Former Ghanaian international, Nii Odartey Lamptey has disclosed that he felt unbearable pain after a DNA test confirmed that three children he raised with his ex-wife for 21 years were not his biological children.

Narrating the harrowing experience that put paid to his 21-year marriage to his now ex-wife Gloria Lamptey, the former Aston Villa starlet said he had to come up with a ruse to obtain a DNA sample from the three children.

In June 2017, an Accra High Court ordered the estranged wife to vacate Lamptey ’s seven bed-room mansion in East Legon.

He however had to settle her with alimony of GHS 200,000.00, a car and Lamptey ’s four-bedroom house in Dome, also in Accra.

His ex-wife appealed for a review of the verdict with the aim of getting Odartey’s mansion as part of her entitlements, but that appeal was thrown out.

The tensions began in 2013 after reports emerged that DNA tests had uncovered the fact that the couple’s three children were not indeed fathered by Lamptey.

He had secretly taken samples from the three children and did a DNA test, which revealed that none of the three girls was fathered by him, although they had been together for nearly 20 years.

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