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What story is really true about Tetteh Quarshie bringing cocoa to Ghana?

We've been told and instructed that, Tetteh Quarshie, a Ghanaian smithy, brought cocoa beans to Ghana from the Fernando Po Islands. It is accepted that he pirated the seeds to Ghana in his mouth.

Indeed, another story told by Wonder Hagan says contrastingly. As per Hagan, the clueless metalworker transported six cases of Cocoa back to Ghana from Fernando Po by concealing them in his tool kit.As an evangelist traveling in Fernando Po, he should be checked at the designated spot like each and every other individual. Realizing that nobody would check his tool kit, he concealed the six cases there. That arrangement turned out impeccably for him. He remained on the boat for about a month and a half prior to getting back to Ghana then Gold Coast to plant the cases.

He initially endeavored planting them in Accra however it didn't work because of the sort of soil so on his typical minister venture, he found the dirt of Mampong exceptionally rich. The head of Mampong gave him a few sections of land where he sowed the principal seed. That is the reason Cocoa development began from that part.

A meeting with Thomas Awuku, the one who has been chipping away at the land recounted the genuine story saying "That's the set of experiences they advised us however when I got to this stage, I understood they were revealing to us a great deal of lies about Tetteh Quarshie. Tetteh Quarshie didn't swallow the cocoa beans in light of the fact that during the 1870s voyaging was troublesome.

 There were no planes for voyaging, so we travel via ocean, either by boat or kayak. Tetteh Quarshie went with boat and it took him 6weeks from Fernando Po now Equitorial Guinea to Ghana then Gold Coast. Accepting he swallowed the cocoa beans for about a month and a half, would they say they are attempting to reveal to us that, for that entire month and a half he was unable to visit the washroom?. What's more, in the event that he did, it implies everything returned into the ocean and he never carried them to Ghana"

Tetteh Quarshie's adventure has procured Ghana some regard on the worldwide item market and the public authority of Ghana also has champion the utilization of Ghana's cocoa by making fourteenth February changed from Valentine's Day to National Chocolate Day where individuals ordinarily give chocolates as presents.

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