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This Tie had to be Broken before one of these schools Joins the one-eighth stage of the contest.

The question wich was running through the minds of the fans was which two schools at all joins the one-eighth stage of the contest?

The tie-breaker contest was between Adu Gyamfi SHS, Bueman SHS, Kumasi High School and St. Mary's SHS. The contest started arround 2pm exactly where all the contestants were seated and ready for the first round.

At the End of the first Round, St. Mary’s SHS topped with 16 points, Adu Gyamfi SHS with 12 points Kumasi High School with 10 points and Bueman SHS with 4 points. The contest took four rounds only without any 'problem of the day' but at the End of the Contest;  Adu Gyamfi SHS -now came through to the top with 32 points while St. Mary’s SHS who was leading throughout the contest until the last round, ended up with 29 points, with Kumasi High School 14 points and Bueman SHS with 13 points.

The "Congratulations" went to Adu Gyamfi SHS and St. Mary's SHS for making it to Accra and securing their places at the one-eighth stage of the contest.

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