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The Silver Lining In A Sad Death Story

In my teenage years when I use to read the bible, I sometimes wonder whether everything I read is true or can be true. I use to love reading proverbs because it seems to have all the answers to life’s problems. One particular verse that stuck in my head was “The man who finds a wife finds a treasure, and he receives favor from the LORD.”Even though it stuck in my head I never quite understood it until I got married. Your life is doomed if you do not begin with that treasure that the bible talks about. You could end up battling problems for the rest of your life if you do not find that treasure of a woman that the bible talks about

I was saddened by the death of the French footballer who was in a coma for about 30 years. The former France defender Jean-Pierre Adams died at the age of 73, almost 40 years after falling into a coma as a result of a medical error, his former clubs, Paris St-Germain and Nîmes, said on Monday

The death of Jean Pierre Adams raised some painful questions in the minds of a lot of observers. Especially the fact that the hospital or the doctor responsible for the medical error never apologize for their error that lead to the coma of Jean Pierre Adams.It can be understandable if you consider the fact that the world has bred a lot of evil and wicked people. To the extent that it has even become worst now. Anyone with a social media accounts especially facebook can attest to this fact. You can easily feel the evil and wickedness in people by the kind of things to post on Facebook.History has taught us over and over again that it's better to do good to others and be a source of blessing to others but some people are naturally born evil through inheritance and so they choose to be a source of curse to others for the sake of earthly wealth. They will kill and do anything for money and fame

But the wickedness of men is not the most important lesson to have come out of the death of Jean Pierre Adams. It is the loyalty and love of that treasure of a woman that the bible talks about that is the most important lesson to have come out of the death of Jean Pierre Adams. For all the almost 40 years that Jean Pierre Adams was in a coma, his wife stood solidly by him and remained loyal and faithful to him till the end

I may be wrong or perhaps prejudicial in saying that there are no more women like the wife of Jean Pierre Adams but he who finds a wife, finds treasure indeed


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