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Old Monk Cuts Off His Heard As An Offering To Buddah For Goodluck

A 68-year-old Buddhist priest, Thammakorn Wangpreecha, has decapitated himself as a contribution to Buddha trusting it would get him the best of luck existence in the wake of death. 

68-Year-Old Monk Beheads Himself As An Offering To Buddha For 'Best of Luck In The Afterlife' 1 

Thammakorn, who was abbot of Wat Phuhingong cloister in northern Thailand, has been arranging the unusual custom penance for over five years until he, at last, took his life last Thursday. 

As indicated by TheSun, the priest executed himself with his improvised guillotine close to a Buddha sculpture so it would seem the god was holding his cut off head. 

His nephew Booncherd Boonrod, who discovered the body, said there was additionally a piece of recorded marble close by clarifying his arrangement. 

"In the letter, it was expressed that hacking his head off was his method of applauding Buddha," Boonrod told the media. 

"He said that he had been arranging this for a very long time at this point. He desired to offer his head and his spirit with the goal that the Lord could help him resurrect as a higher profound being in the following life."

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