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UEFA Champions League

Three key fights for Chelsea – Man City in Champions League Final

The last club game on the 2020-21 European calendar is a big deal, with Manchester City poised to take on the first-choice role in their last Champions League debut.

Chelsea, driven by a man who has been there before and players with a lot of involvement, are delaying the traffic of the European Cup.

And bearing in mind that the strategic plans of the horde of Chelsea supervisor Thomas Tuchel and Man City magician Pep Guardiola are somewhat intoxicating to consider, which player-versus-player clashes will take the longest in determining whether City does the history of the club or Chelsea win their next European Cup?

Traditional Chelsea vs Man City left-back

It would be a remarkable story if Pep Guardiola's inability to uncover a left-back star is what causes him to lose his chances in a first European Cup outside Barcelona, ​​having twice beaten Manchester United in a last UCL with Sylvinho and Eric Abidal at the post.

However, the decision of Guardiola of Oleksandr Zinchenko, Benjamin Mendy or Joao Cancelo is not enviable in a not very incredible way. Is this Zinchenko, a central midfielder for Ukraine now with plenty of experience left-back for Man City in working-class David Alaba fashion? Or is it still Mendy, a player of pillage, dangerous but regularly preoccupied and languishing, as worthy of the fools as of the great?

Cancelo is awesome, but is he going to hook up with anyone Chelsea transmits wide? With Christian Pulisic fit to play in the assault midfield on the right side, Mason Mount something similar, and either the lively Cesar Azpilicueta or the energetic Reece James flying on the right, you like the possibility of Chelsea having some achievements. this side.

Maybe it's just Pep pulling out something he used every now and then but adjusted to prepare for half a month: Aymeric Laporte or even Nathan Ake at left-back. In any case, this is the biggest fight.

N'Golo Kante in addition to the coach table against Kevin De Bruyne

There could not be a more excellent midfielder disruptor on the planet than a fit and a N'Golo Kante finish yet the French engine is an uncertainty for Saturday.

If he can play and he has a potential of 75%, City have become a group much more dependent on membership for leading their assault and have given Kante the shocking ability to return to play.

Since Thomas Tuchel was signed on January 26, Chelsea have lost an incredible three Premier League games. Think who missed each of the three?

Kevin De Bruyne is apparently - or perhaps hands down - the best midfielder playmaker on the planet right now. Kante is the most suitable player to reduce KDB by 100%.

Is he going to leave? Because otherwise it turns out to be much more difficult.

Enthusiasm Guardiola against himself

Okay, indeed I realize that I said we would only do player versus player, but here we are # 3 and you just have to include Pep Guardiola.

By the time the Catalan variant of the Cosmic System Brain Image is running Man City as he's carefully planned, they're winning quite often and consistently that's a lot.

When he thinks too much, Man City…. still wins quite often. Moreover, despite the fact that Raheem Sterling's late possibility against Lyon could have tipped City's last entry into UCL, it was anomalous strategies that made City's debut against the Ligue 1 team easier.

Guardiola is a football virtuoso. He came in the middle of 2.36 points per game in Barcelona, ​​at that point 2.40 at Bayern Munich and now 2.36 at Man City. He is the designer of a machine, however Thomas Tuchel is the planner of the upper obstacle of the machine.

Will Guardiola trust his status and say, "Alright, Thomas. If this beats me, fine, but I'm going out on my own terms?" If so, Man City win despite an individual error or a significant job of wonder from the opponent.

City were significantly acceptable in a disapproved 4-3-3 assault. If we see anything else, it's either a great idea that's been arranged for a long time or Guardiola isn't playing as much as his best. Stay tuned

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