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Football players you shouldn't mess with

1) Zlatan Ibrahimovic:Don't mess with Zlatan Ibrahimovic unless you want to be beaten up and bullied throughout the game. He won't play by the rules, he won't think twice about hitting you, and he'll leave a mark.

2) Sergio Ramos:Without a doubt, he'll exact his vengeance. He'll exact his vengeance, and he'll do so in such a ruthless way that it will jeopardize your future, or at the very least hurt you seriously enough that you'll miss three months of football.

3) Pepe:This dude isn't one to play with; he shows no mercy at all.

4) Luiz Suarez:He barks and bites at the same time!

5) Joey Barton:This QPR player once managed to punch Tevez, kick Aguero, and try to settle with Mario Balotelli all within the space of two minutes during a match against Manchester City. Yeah, you read that correctly, two minutes.

6) Lionel Messi:Despite the fact that he is not an offensive player, his vengeance is much worse than any of the others listed. Consider the El Clasico match on April 23, 2017 at Santiago Bernabeu. He was constantly fouled by the entire Real Madrid defense, and his response? This (above) is what it is:

7) Christiano Ronaldo:Well, he'll exact his revenge through his success and physical power, and believe me when I say that the retaliation won't be nice at all for his enemies.

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