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Gerrard Demands More From The Aston Villa Team

 Steven Gerrard demands better performance from the Aston Villa team despite a 2-1 victory over Leicester City at home.

REPORTER: Well Steven, that game is just about everything including the result you wanted. What's your overall assessment?

GERRARD, "Really pleased, obviously a game of two halves but similar to midweek, so we had to get into the players a little bit of halftime, we had to demand a bit more, I thought we were a little bit passive in the first half, we weren't picking up on seven second balls, we kept turning the ball over. And on transition, we had a few issues. So we had to address a few situations in terms of how we wanted it to look in the second half, we had to demand a bit more. And the players came out the second half was absolutely outstanding. And I think in the end, we deserve our victory"

Yeah, good reaction to going behind to score so quickly.

 Gerrard, "Yeah, I think that's always important. We didn't want less, that's a growing confidence and belief they were already in a good place when they scored a disappointing goal from our point of view. But I wasn't happy with a lot of things in the first half. And now it's time to review the four games and really iron out a few issues and a few teething problems that we've got. But at the same time, I'm very pleased and proud of the players in terms of the points return that application and what that gave me in the first four games"

I don't think me when these two are happy when I'm taking the first one. But look, we want to be a threat to circlets. Austin does some fantastic work, and we've got the personnel to go and be aggressive on them. At the same time, I thought we defended our box really well from set plays, especially at the end. You're in the second half, we've limited Lester to just one chance and the keepers pulled a fine saver for us. So listen. Second, our performance was really close to being perfect for us. And we certainly deserved I went in there and we couldn't run away with our two one we've had three or four really good chances to score more. So a lot of positives as well.

REPORTER, frustration at the end of the first period. What's your view on the goal?

Gerrard, "that wasn't my view at the time was obviously I was frustrated. I didn't think Kaspar was either under complete control. I thought his body was still on the move. And I don't think as we put much contact on him, only the ball. But now the referee is explained as soon as you've got the ball and you touch it on the ground, they classed as in control. So maybe it's mean needing to brush up on the rails really so disappointed with that decision. But we have to accept that and not feel sorry for ourselves"

"You know, it might have gone our way. But I don't want us to be a team that looks back and feels sorry for ourselves. It's important that we're positive we move forward. This is a huge win that puts us into the top 10 And now we really want to look forward we've got wolves and brightening our sights and we want to keep pushing forward"

REPORTER, Just finally you work with a lot of good keepers

There's a top save and he's been brilliant for us. He showed fantastic leadership on and off the pitch. He's a big presence. Yeah, delighted to have him and he needs to keep performing like that.


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