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Barcelona comes with a long-awaited statement about Super League Goal

Barcelona has shared a club statement about the project for the first time since the collapse of the Super League. Ronald Koeman's employer refuses to distance himself completely from the competition.

In the statement, the club emphasizes the importance of reforms in European club football and the possibility is left open to set up a Super League in the future, possibly with changed conditions compared to the first blueprint.

Barcelona's statement follows statements made by Joan Laporta earlier on Thursday. The chairman said the Super League is 'necessary' and the plan is not off the table yet.

The club's communiqué ties in with those words. "Barcelona shares the analysis of most European clubs that structural reforms, aimed at financial sustainability, are certainly necessary in this day and age."

“In addition, the club wants to bring even more excitement to fans worldwide and consolidate and expand the football community that is the foundation and strength of the sport.

Against this background, Barcelona has accepted the invitation to become one of the founders of the Super League. , a competition that aims to increase the quality and entertainment value of the game, "the statement reads.

"At the same time, the league is trying to find new ways to achieve solidarity across the football family.

The decision was made in the full belief that it would be a historic mistake not to be part of it," said Barcelona's own participation in the elite competition.It is the calling of this world-renowned club to be at the forefront.

Barcelona will at all times remain the property of each individual member of the club, and the members have the right to be the last to judge such a crucial decision.

”Laporta also said the socios could ultimately vote on whether Barcelona would participate Barcelona wants to use the time to come to scrutinize the problems surrounding the Super League.

"It cannot be denied that there is a much deeper level to analyze why this reaction followed it before if appropriate, this formula can be reconsidered, and any problems associated with it remedied.

This in-depth analysis takes time and that means that no hasty decisions have to be taken. "

" We think it is just as important to make it clear that a court has already provided the necessary legal protection. This shows that the Super League initiative is legal.

"Barcelona refers to a preliminary ruling by a court in Madrid, which ruled on Tuesday that UEFA and FIFA cannot take any measures against the twelve founders for the time being."

The club does not think so appropriate to start the process of reflection and discussion in the midst of undue pressure and intimidation.

While the club is aware of the importance and public interest in this matter, and wants to be as transparent as possible, Barcelona will at all times do what is sensible. The club requires the greatest understanding, respect and patience from the supporters and the entire outside world.

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