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Why Mbappe Is Increasingly Getting Disliked

Kylian Mbappe is one of the best footballers in the world. He is so good that Paris Saint-German decided to keep him in the club rather than let him move to Real Madrid.

Mbappe was admired for his football skills and incredible pace. However, these days the love and admiration football fans and critics have for him is fading rapidly. Mbappe is getting disliked by a large number of people and below are the reasons.

1. Selfish Play

Many fans have noted that Mbappe has become more selfish when he plays. He wants to score more goals therefore he wants to be passed the ball anytime PSG is on the attack. When a different attacker is chosen over him he shows his disappointment and anger.

It is also alleged from various sources that Kylian Mbappe wants Neymar out of PSG.

2. "His Ego is inflated because of power "

Many football fans have the general opinion that Mbappe's ego has become inflated because of the value PSG has placed on him. Many Netizens and football fans have commented that although he is talented, his ego is what would lead to his downfall.

3. Disrespecting Legends with massive fan bases

Mbappe during his recent games acted in ways that were deemed disrespectful, especially to other players who are considered legends in their own right. First was a slight shove he gave Messi when he walked past him during a match. Messi was not pleased with that gesture as he stared intently at Mbappe.

He also had a verbal interaction with Neymar as Neymar was about to take a penalty kick. The interaction is alleged to be Mbappe asking Neymar to allow him to take a second penalty (Mbappe ruined a first one).

Opinions of Football fans about Mbappe

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