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Proof: President Akufo Addo Was A Real School Soccer Star In 1960.

‘Billy’ as he was known in his days at Lancing College in1960 was obviously an active boy. We have seen him in a boxing pose in what seems to be a gym.

There is a story that after his return from the United Kingdom he played for Osagyefo Dr. Kwame Nkrumah’s Real Republicans Football Club for a while. Many who have heard this story often consider it as a lie meant to make the first gentleman of the land popular and sports adept than he actually is.

Well some pictures have been intercepted which seems to align with the story that the President was not just a footballer but rather a very good one at that.

The two pictures both capture him in a group pose with his fellow team mates at his former school Lancing College. In one shot, he is seated at the front right side whiles the other has him standing at the back row from left.

One interesting thing one notices is how he is referred to. In the picture, he is referred to as ‘W’(for‘William’)Akufo Addo. It is very clear he decided to put down the ‘William’ which has a casual form as ‘Bill’, as he grew up.Interesting revelation.

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