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See what a player told Ronaldo after his brace against Spezia

Ronaldo scored brace against Spezia after he returned from self isolation, he registered his name on the score sheet just about three minutes after stepped onto the pitch having sat on bench the whole of the first half.

After the match, Juve's boss Pirlo said " Ronaldo helped us in the second half ". Ronaldo is so much admired by some of his fellow footballers, I can remember when Gary Cahill asked him to Waite for his kids to come for them to take a pic, this is greatness.

After the match, Emmanuel Gyasi (Spezia player) said " after the game against juventus, I had a conversation with Cristiano. I told him that he's an inspiration to me and almost all players , especially young people, he smiled, thanked and advised to to work hard to make my dreams come true ".His team mate, Juan Cuadrado also had this to say about the star, " Cristiano Ronaldo is very happy, he couldn't Waite to come back and play, which you saw the moment he stepped onto the pitch. He is an extra weapon for us, we all know what he gives to the team, he's very confident and that helps us too"He's really Juve's great weapon because they failed to win four games in his absence. However, the superstar is in the squad for their UCL Round Three match to play and show his equalities.

So many players can't Waite to meet Cristiano Ronaldo, Haalad is an example, what will you do or how will you feel when you meet this great personality ?? Let's see your comments.

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