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How Much Will Messi Earn From Winning The Balon D'ior? Price Revealed

Where would you put Lionel Messi?Greatest player of our time or greatest player of all times?Tell me your answers in the comments.

Lionel Messi just can't forget 2021 because, he won the Copa America this year, exited Barcelona FC and surprisingly, he won his seventh Balon Dior this year despite having an unstable performance throughout the year. At 34 years of age, Lionel Messi has won the Balon D'ior seven times and do you think there's any player who can break this record?

Before I dive into the main topic, let's take a look at how this award came about.What is the Balon Dior?

This Balon Dior idea was brought up by the then french football writer, Gabriel Hanot. Balon Dior was made to be awarded the best player of a particular year. The Balon Dior is currently the highly rated individual award in the football world. So far so good, 65 Balon D'iors have won since 1956 and surprisingly, Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo have won 12 out of the 65 Balon D'iors.

Not to waste much time, Lionel Messi winning the Balon Dior award this year has lifted him higher and also lifted his current club, PSG as well.

Does the Balon Dior winner just receive the Golden ball alone?

A big No. Though the gold is valuable when sold but do you think it would be fair when the winners of this award are just given the golden ball and left like that?

According to reports, Players receive $1.2million any time they win the Balon Dior. This means that; Barcelona FC has paid Lionel Messi $7.2 million for the six Balon Diors he won when he was playing for them.Why did Barcelona FC pay Lionel Messi instead of the host of the award (France Football)?

France football's main aim is to produce the award, and the players will receive hefty amount of money from their individual clubs.Why do clubs pay players for winning the Balon Dior?

Clubs pay their players after they have won this prestigious award because after the player has won the award, many companies would start to bring sponsorship deals to the clubs and they will earn alot form these deals.

Clubs pay players for winning this award to give them credits of bringing in more sponsorships, levelling up the club and to congratulate the player as well. Did you know that during transfer deals, clubs and some targeted players sign a Balon Dior clause and agreements?

Neymar signed a Balon Dior clause with PSG and if he had won it, he would have been paid $3.5m as a bonus for winning it. Manchester United made an agreement with Antony Martial that if he made it to the top three of the Balon Dior rankings in 2019, he would have been paid $12m but unfortunately, both Neymar and Martial haven't made it to the top three yet.

To the main point of this article, answering how much Lionel Messi would make after winning his seventh Balon Dior with PSG, the amount can't be fixed because, PSG will give him a bonus of winning it and he would also be paid by Adidas (sponsorship) and other brands as well. Based on reports,Lionel Messi will be receiving a hefty cash prize of around $3.4 million to $5.67 million from winning the Balon D'ior this year. According to other Football sites, every Balon Dior winner receives $20,000 after winning it from FIFA.The Balon Dior is also ranked as one of the most expensive trophies in the football history.

Don't forget Messi is the first player to win the Balon Dior at PSG.If Nike is willing to pay Cristiano Ronaldo $4.53m bonus for every global distinction, don't you think Adidas will pay Lionel Messi a higher figure?

"I have said it many times before, the truth is that individual rewards are not my goals.Not that one, not the boot, none." Messi said this in 2019.This means he also thinks like his mate Sergio Ramos that they don't play for an individual award but rather a teamone. Do you think this is Messi's last Balon Dior?

Thanks for your valuable time. As always"we see differently "

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