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When The Marriage Becomes a Boxing Match Between Azumah Nelson And Gomez

In reaction to the unfortunate death of wives or women who have been abuse before their deaths, a lot of people seem to have made conclusions that it's only men who abuse women or domestic violence or abuse is an exclusive curse reserved for only women.

Respected people in society including lawyers and other professionals seem to have concluded on the matter already. The federation of women lawyers has also come out to demand justice for the death of these women citing one particular case out of what seems like a pandemic of women abuse to death to some people

But there is also a reported butcher to death of a woman by her fellow woman.

Domestic violence or abuse is not an exclusive curse from men reserve for only women. Children are abused, husbands are abused, housemaids are abused even dogs are abused in the home.Some women are more abusive and dangerous in their abuse. People must seek to deal with issues from their root and deal it within a wholesome way 

True Justice is not hearing one side of an issue and running with it like a mad evil dog to bite. True justice is hearing an issue, examining the issue, cross-examining the issue, and deducing the real facts from the perceived truth in other to make a sensible decision or judgment out of it. Everyone’s story is sweet until you hear the other side or cross-examine the story

The world has become more evil and wicked, everything is now possible, even videos can be ducted to suit anyone’s agenda. People must be cautious lest they do not turn into a tool in the hands of the evil and wicked one

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