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Why Ghanaians Should Not Be Angry With Thomas Partey For Missing Ghana's Matches

Thomas Partey is a Ghanaian professional footballer who plays for Arsenal and the Ghanaian football team. He is a remarkable player who aided Arsenal to secure their win over Tottenham today. His excellent performance today had some Ghanaians questioning why he didn't aid Ghana in the country's friendly matches. The answer to the questions of Ghanaians is outlined below.

1. The friendlies were not worth risking an injury for

Friendly matches are matches that teams use as a means of raising the fitness levels of their players before they engage in competitions and tournaments. They allow teammates to build chemistry and also have a gauge of the strengths of opponents. Friendly matches are therefore non-competitive and thus do not affect any standings or competitions. It was therefore not worth the risk of Thomas Partey playing in Ghana's friendly matches.

2. He was advised by his Premier League team

Because Thomas Partey is injury prone, he was given professional advice by his premier league team, as to how best to ensure his fitness is maintained. Therefore to a degree, his hands were partially tied, because should he have gotten injured after the warnings from his professional team, the blame would fall more on him than anyone else.

3. He made up for his lack of performance

Partey played an important role in Arsenal's win over Tottenham Hotspur as he scored the first goal in their 3-1 victory. It is thus observed that he has made up for his lack of performance in Ghana's matches by showing how much value he can bring in the upcoming world cup tournament, given that the stakes require him to give his all.

Some Ghanaians are even supporting Thomas Partey for "faking" his injury as they deem it a smart career decision. They understand the potential risks that overexerting yourself can lead to.

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