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Asante Kotoko Travels To Dubai Tomorrow. Know The Benefits Of This Tour

The Porcupine Warriors announced they will continue their next preseason phase in Dubai, U.A.E. According to the release, the team is set to the country tomorrow and return after two weeks, i.e. from 7th October to 22nd October. Fans have reacted to the news in diverse ways. Follow the piece as we weigh the benefits and risks of the decision.

Every action involves a degree of risk. First, the travel contains uncertainties which can, in a way, harm the team. Amidst the COVID pandemic, no single activity is guaranteed. The disease can cause a global, continental or national lockdown. In that case, the club will be physically and mentally traumatized to an extent they may risk the league.

Another concern is the quality of the games that can be arranged. Although it is a smart move for Kotoko to have decided to go during the international break, it also means majority of the various first team players have been released for country duties. Asante Kotoko may set games against the big teams in UAE, but not with their best players involved.

Some supporters wished the team had managed to use the money for player acquisitions. This argument may sound good, but there is always an opportunity cost to whatever you do at every point in time. Let us then weigh the benefit of this preseason tour.

The first we all know is the exposure. When a team travels outside its continent, it is mainly to build its brand in the other parts of the world. Asante Kotoko travelling to Dubai will create awareness about the team to the people there. Through matches, they may win the hearts of some fans, clubs and, even, brands in UAE. This kind of exposure is essential for all teams in the world. That is why most clubs have preseason tours.

There is no way financial benefit cannot be considered in the discussion. Aside projecting the club to reach bigger brands, the players get a platform to sell their potentials to the world and increase their values. This tour has also the capacity to rake more money for all parties involved. Haven Crystals Travel and Tours gets more patronages, CEEK generates more revenues, and Kotoko get their shares.

The timing is just perfect. The team has made several changes to the technical team and the playing body. Fans are dying to see how the team will set up on the pitch. Management, through CEEK and Haven, will capitalize on this burning desire. It’s either you join the team to Dubai via Haven or you subscribe to CEEK to watch the team. 

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