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Are the Black Stars going to be inspired to work harder or are they going to repeat their mistakes?

Football is a sport which unites people from all parts of the world irrespective of the distance between them. Ghanaians have disproved that statement since the love most of us had for the Black Stars is no more. It was very scarce coming by a Ghanaian who would predict a loss during a Ghanaian football match in the good old days.

Ghana was a very strong team such that the Europeans had to name us the Brazilians of Africa. For a team to be likened to Brazil shows the effort they put into their work. The joy they carved on our faces was out of this world.

Indeed, time changes and it is very disheartening as to how that love has vanished into thin air. The footballers saw it coming after they disgraced the country in the 2014 FIFA world cup when they chose money over patriotism. They literally broke the bond between the supporters and Ghana football.

The group stage fixtures of the African Cup of Nations is still in play and Ghana is expected to step up today. We currently have just a single point out of the six available points and are looking forward to beating Comoros to secure 4 points.

This seems impossible looking at the performance of the current Black Stars team. Ghana placed 3rd in the 2008 AFCON, 2nd in 2010, 4th in 2012 and 2nd again in 2014. This shows how solid we were. Our troubles then started after 2014.

We missed the quarter final spot from then and have never been the same. Ghana losing to Comoros tonight definitely means we are going to extend the disgraceful streak.

Ghana last won a trophy in 1982 and was hoping to win this one but looking at their performance, there is only one question which comes into mind. Are we going to end the 40 year trophy drought by performing wonders? Or are we going down this slippery lane again?

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