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Check this out, these 5 sportsmen do not joke with their mothers at all.

Indeed mothers are a source of inspiration for their wards. A recent survey as shown that most sports men are inspired by their parents and much to the surprise of this finding is that, most of these athletes find inspiration from their mothers! 

From the likes of Alfonso Davies, Beckham, Cristiano Ronaldo, Messi, to NBA superstar Durant, and the long tennis legend Nadal etc non of these Sportsmen joke with their mum

This is the list of 5 sportsmen who don't joke with their mothers...

1.At the top of the list is Lionel Messi.

Sources indicates that Messi wouldn't mind to show his love for his mother even if it will cost him €2000 that is almost equivalent to 14,000 cedis can you imagine that. Well that is not all he even scores a goal on his mum's birthday just to honor her.

2. Number two on this list is no other but the world most followed person on Instagram Cristiano Ronaldo.

Sources has is that one of the reasons why C.R 7 divorced his first wife was because of his mum. This alone speaks volume of words of how much he values his mum. No wonder just last year Ronaldo and his siblings dashed their mum a Black Mercedes Benz and you can just imagine the worth of the car.

3. NBA superstar Kevin Durant makes it to number 3 on this list.

When Durant was awarded NBA's MVP he sorrowfully took the opportunity to dedicate this honor to the real MVP in his life, his mum. He used the chance to let the spectators know the great sacrifices his mum has made for him and his siblings. That was a every emotional experience and it tells you the extent to which he loves his mum

4.Rafael Nadal position on this list is no news at all. The truth is, his parents are divorced but that has not affected his relationship with his mum.

One thing that never seizes to amaze his fans and his followers is his undenying attention for his mum. Nadal wouldn't mind to answer any call from his mum even in a very busy conference meeting. This incident didn't happen once buh has become his habit. 

5.The last buh not the least on this list is the legendary David Beckham.

Beckham's love for his mum date's back to his childhood days. On celebrating his mums 70th birthday Beckham took the opportunity to let his followers know how instrumental his mom has been in his life and that of his siblings.

We believe these sportsmen indeed value their mothers. If you agree give it a like and if you disagree let us know your thoughts and opinions.

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