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S.H.S. Memory: It Was Always Fun.

You cannot decide on where to start the narrative because that is what it is: unpredictable. At one scene, you are part of the planners. For some, you are just lucky to appear during the demolition. Others, you only hear the news. This scene holds a special part of every guy's memory. Happiness is the only result when one thinks of it. Although it never begins at s.h.s, the fun moments of it happen there.

There are common things with all such scenes. Only a few plan the whole thing. They include the food owner and his wingmen. They choose the place, time and tactics for the ceremony to begin. That sounds fun. On the way, some guys manage to read the situation and join the movement. At the scene, only two types are involved.

1. The Gentle Type. Here, not many people get to the scene. The noise is reduced to the possible minimum. Consumption of food takes place in an appropriate manner since the scene is undisclosed. The mission is executed cleanly and everyone enjoys. When one happens to appear, he also joins quietly.

2. The Boys-Boys Type. There is always noise as people laugh, talk and sing at the site. When the race begins, it is your skillset and technique that determines how satisfied you become. Major share of the food ends up on the ground. It is a no-gentleman scene. 

It strengthened people as you either get on or stay behind. Such moments will always be special, even in hundred years to come.

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