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Two(2) key records in football that may never be broken. Watch videos

Football is one of the biggest entertainment programs ever established in the world. It has gained the attention of many and most people love to watch this entertainment program.

In every single match of football, records are being broken. Some can be a personal record, others can be a world record.

In today's article, let is find two key records in football which might never be broken. That means that record has come to stay.

1. Lionel Messi scoring 91 goals in a calendar year.

This is a stunning record and it will be very hard for any footballer to break this record. He scored 79 goals for FC Barcelona and 11 goals for his national team Argentina. This record was set in 2012. Before this record, Gerd Muller had 85 calendar goals until Lionel Messi broke it in 2012. This record will almost seem impossible because in 2012, Lionel Messi was on fire.

Watch the video here to see how the record happened.

2. 36 red cards in a single game.

This is so unbelievable. How can this happen? Well this happened in Argentina in 2011 in a match between Claypole and Arenas. A fan from the crowd run unto the football pitch and punched one of the players. This caused war between the two teams.

There were 22 players on the field and the referee showed everyone a red card after the mess on the pitch. That did not end there, all the substitute players were also given red card. And finally some technical stuffs of both teams were also shown a red card. Totalling the number of red cards that day to 36. The game ended immediately.

This record may never be broken in this modern way of playing football.

Watch the full video here of how it happened.

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