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Is Wrestling a Real Fight Or Fake? See What Happens Behind The Scenes

Wrestling is a sport or activity to grab an opponent and try and cast them on the ground, generally in accordance with the lay down rule. Many people always ask whether wrestling is true or false because of the tricks performed by wrestlers. When you look at the famous WWE, many people have said that the struggle is genuine.

What many people do not know is that World Wrestling Entertainment is WWE and it's staged. Wrestling is not a real fight whatsoever but pure entertainment. This is why they are telling people not to try any of those stunts at their homes.

Wrestlers can be described as illusionists, they are people who can trade dangerous blows. Sometimes these stunts go awfully wrong, and some fighting fellows die in the ring, while others lost some parts of their bodies to the dangerous stunts they perform.

We see some of the wrestlers bleeding in some fights. Some of them use fake fluids that are hidden in their long hairs.

For dramatic works, Wrestling is ever designed and recorded. They are always aware who will be the winner before wrestlers enter the ring. It is as if i read a script and play by the script.

Wrestlers usually know what their supporters want and they do it to satisfy them. For instance, in a situation when a giant and strong wrestler is won by a thin and small wrestler. How can this be? But all this is for people to enjoy.

Do you think it's staged or real? let's hear your opinion on this matter

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