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5 Most expensive Benz cars

Technology came into our lives and made things much easier. Imagine if there were no cars, mobiles phone devices, trains, airplanes and all the sophisticated machines available now, life would have been very boring and difficult to live. Thanks to technology all the hard and heavy task have been taking care of effectively.

Let's talk about cars, Benz to be specific. Benz started as a small company but today, if not the best car manufacturing company then, it is among the top 3. The manufacturing of high quality machines from Germany has earned the company the trust of buyers across the whole wide world. We are going to look at the top ten most expensive cars from Benz.

1.SLR McLaren Mansory Renovatio

Actually, this Benz product was jointly engineered and manufactured by German and British engineers from 2003 to 2009. When it was first introduced, the vehicle speedily climbed the ladder of most adored supercars. It has a 5.5 litre motor which could reach up to 626 horsepower. It can travel 100 km/h under 0.2 seconds. It cost €1,800,000

 2) SLR McLaren V10 Quad Turbo Brabus

This supercar also found it was on the list of expensive and fastest car when it was released in 2010. It has a horsepower of 1600 motor which can reach 100 km/h under two seconds. This brabus model sits at €2,000,000

 3) C112, Vision SLR Concept and AMG Vision GT Concept

This type of Benz cars are selling at a price of €3,300,000. It was manufactured in three different types. One model for polygon testing, another for video games and the other for fun.

4. At a vintage car auction in 2003, one Mercedes-Benz SSK specimen was valued at €3,400,000. We can only speculate about how much the price of one of Mercedes-most Benz's valuable models has risen since then. €10 million? Possibly €20,000,00

 5) CLK GTR AMG Roadster

CLK GTR was mainly created to participate in the world-class motorsport. These types of expensive cars are not manufactured in large quantities because of the high price. They can only be afforded by the elite in the society. A model introduced in 2000 had sold for €3,700,000. This car now costs between €8,000,000 and €9,000,000.

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Benz McLaren Mansory Renovatio


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