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The Touching Story Of These 3 Ex Football Players

It's quite true that nothing lasts forever but it's good to make hay while the sun shines so that should anything happen in the future, you won't be running helter skelter. Life is not a bed of roses so you should work while it's day before the night comes.

Have you wondered why you stopped seeing some footballers on your screen? Well, this article will be talking about the touching story of some footballers who had to quit their passion, due to one problem or the other.

1.) Kaseem Yebsaya

I conducted some research because I was also curious, then from my findings I realized that Kareem Yebsaya is now mentally unstable. See a picture of him below;

Yebsaya played with so many top clubs because of his talent but it's a pity that he's now in a psychiatric hospital.

Before going to the pyschiatric hospital, he was seen on few occasions roaming on the streets. He was further taken to the hospital for treatment, May God restore him.

2. Sylvester Egbogie

Sylvester who was a former member of the Green Eagle's Team, can no longer use his legs again. He was reported to have suffered from diabetes which cost him his legs.

It seems more like he has been forgotten by many but we pray that God sends him a helper soon.

3. Peter Fregene

Peter Fregene was nicknamed The Flying Cat because of his passion for football. It's so unfortunate that he can no longer play football due to an illness that got him bedridden for years.

He has been bedridden for about 19 years after he had a spinal cord injury, and now he is unable to walk again.

May God heal them all and perfect everything that concerns them. Please leave a prayer, share this article, like, and follow me up for more.

Content created and supplied by: Oma_writes (via Opera News )

Kareem Yebsaya Kaseem Yebsaya Yebsaya


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