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Opinion: Cash for the Black Stars Must Only be Disbursed at This Crucial Stage of Every Competition

The Black Stars of Ghana had always disappointed the nation Ghana in most of the tournaments they have represented despite the huge sums of money and exhorbitant budget allocated for every single tournament.

Money and other rewards and fringe benefits are the outstanding factor of motivation to players as the means to uplift the performance of footballers but that has not always been the case for the Ghana Black Stars whose usual performance of late has been substandard and uninspiring.

Ghanaians have always had a bone to pick with the leadership of the Ghana Football Association and the Sports Ministry for overspending more than necessary only on sports which had yielded no positive results

Putting the performance of the Black Stars of Ghana into a juxtaposition in relation to other nations in Africa, Europe concerning the budget for players going into any tournament, the reality on the ground is that Ghana's spending outweighs other nations in monetary terms but with low performance.

The nation is faced with massive developmental challenges as a result shortage of capital and misplaced priorities but upon all the challenge, Ghana Football Association look unperturbed and continues to outlay huge sums of money for the national team players.

Our late exit from the African Cup of Nations ahead of the World Cup Playoffs was a massive blow and disgrace for the nation with regard to the Ghana's integrity in football.

To cut everything short and to make things right for the good people of Ghana and the football association, the issue of payment should be regulated this way;

1. Group stages: 10% out of the entire amount of money allocated for the players should be issued out when the team win at least two games and draw or any similar result that can qualify the team to the One 16th stage

2. Upon securing qualification to the quarter finals 20% of the total amount allocated for the team should be disbursed to the players.

3. Reaching the semi finals should attract 40% of the total cash allocated for players within the tournament.

4. Going into the finals and winning the tournament should attract 100% of the rest of the cash allocated for the tournament.

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