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Oheneyere Gifty Anti expresses shock over her twisted Facebook post

Oheneyere Gifty Anti has expressed her outmost shock about how her post on Facebook has been twisted by bloggers.

According to her, the Facebook post was to encourage people about the fraustration of motherhood but it has been twisted that she is not happy and she wants to quit

"Now I am truly shocked this morning.

Seriously? Whoever did this must be ashamed of themselves.

A write up I did that encouraged many people here about the frustrations of motherhood and not waiting till you have it all to be happy, has now been twisted in this manner?


How? And why do people do this?

Which part of my write up did I say I was ‘Confused’ and ‘Want to Quit’? Why?

Whoever did this ......

Whoever did this and is circulating ........" Oheneyere Gifty Anti on Facebook

Below is her full post on Facebook concerning that sought to encourage people about fraustration of motherhood.

"Knock knock 😀

Anybody here? 

Well I know it’s late, but I am burdened to share something with you. 

Sometimes when I read through the comments, I realize some of you think I am the happiest, luckiest, most fulfilled and maybe financially sound woman alive 😳😀😀😀

Well, I am not!!

Listen, the life I have now at age 51, is not the life I had hoped for. No. I had bigger dreams and aspirations!!!

Do you know my life now? Ok let me tell you!!

1. Drop HRH at school

2. Go to work

3. Pick up HRH

4. Go home.  

That’s my life. No outing, no chilling, no parties, no visiting friends or even family. I stay with HRH when we get home till the next morning and the cycle continues!!

I have had to give up certain opportunities because of this ‘fixed’ routine I have. 

It hasn’t been easy for me. I don’t even remember the last time I went out to a restaurant or nice place to eat or chill 😀😀. Hmmm

Initially, it made me angry! It made me sad and I was always unhappy. It frustrated me. 

It was painful seeing my husband come and go as he pleases while I am stuck at home with HRH. I was always moody and hurt. 

*You will get more fylla in my upcoming book Room 5005*

But I realized it was affecting my miracle baby girl. 

I therefore, made a conscious and deliberate decision to make the best out of the situation I find myself in. 

I accepted that this is a sacrifice I have to make at this stage of my life.  

I made everything fun and tried my best to see the positive side of everything. Because one thing I hate in life is pretense.  

If I am going to be able to inspire, motivate and charge others to be happy, then I have to be a happy and fulfilled person too. So I worked on myself.  

It took some time but I did it. I still have my low, sad, lonely and frustrating moments sometimes. But I do my best to snap out of it. 

I know my situation now is temporary and it will pass. It will get better. HRH will grow and we can go to places together 😀.  

Some of the pictures you see me post everyday, are influencer photos promoting a dress or something.. And instead of posting just the photos, I decide to use the opportunity to encourage, inspire, motivate or make you laugh 😂

So you see, I don’t have it all. No I don’t. I am a hustler just like you. The only difference is that I have a platform, a voice and ‘national and international’ presence 

I am just a woman who has decided to make the best of her current situation and tries to make the best lemonade out of the lemons life has given me!!!

So before you go to bed and when you wake up, Know this....

You can live your best life with the little you have. 

Marriage, children, money, job etc can’t give you happiness if you don’t learn to be a happy person. 

Lack of these things 👆🏾can make you sad and miserable sometimes, but you can still live your best life without them. 

I am not glowing (and yes I know I am glowing😀) because I am married and have a child. 

My glow is not marriage ‘induced’😂

I am glowing because I decided to make the best of the life I have now and be happy!!

I hope this conversation can help you find some peace and happiness within.  

And oh, my Super Crazy Faith in God always adds a special flavor to it all.  

One day, you will also tell your story. 🥰🥰🥰"

Content created and supplied by: SirObanji (via Opera News )

Oheneyere Oheneyere Gifty Anti


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