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If he is an ambitious introvert, here are two things you should know about him.

We all know different people of different nature. At times, we find it difficult to understand some of them. Among your friends list, there is definitely a shy and quiet guy. To get along with an ambitious type of such a person, either as a friend or partner, you need to know these two(2) things he considers.

1. Want or Need. Every ambitious and shy guy prioritizes want or need. It is extremely difficult for them to initiate things for trivial sake. That is why they are always busy with something and may be considered boring. To get to him, you must fit into his plans.

2. Benefit. It is the most visible trait of such guys. They do not waste time; they look to gain from whatever they do. If you bond well with him, you must be so precious to him than you ever thought.

He might have other characters that mask the overshoot of the above factors.

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