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Why Ayew Dede received a red card and how Comoros humbled Ghana to qualify for Round 16

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Ghana Black Stars started with a Team of 11 players on the field but after the first goal by Comoros, the Black Stars lost focus.

Ayew Dede as usual had too much energy and drive to restore the image of the Black Stars and to convert some wild opportunities for the West African giants.

He was assigned as an offensive mildfielder but fans were shocked when Ayew Dede converted to the main striker and clashed with the Comoros number one goal keeper outside the 18circle. The referee suspected a foul play by Ayew and requested for a VAR.

The referee upon his investigation then accorded the captain a red card whilst the goal keeper was unconcious.

In fact , the Black Stars were not focused after Ayew Dede went outside the field.

The Comoros scored an additional goal to make it a 2:0 realizing how hopeless the Black Stars were.

The Black Stars got a goal from Boakye Yiadom Richmond and Alexander Adziku topped it up.

In fact, throughout the game, Adziku played exceptionally even though Thomas Partey acted as the Captain.

It was clear that Adziku wanted to make an impact but the Comoros took advantage of the cluelessness of the Black Stars and added a winning goal to help them take the third position whilst Morocco and Gabon took the 1st and 2nd places. It is not surprising that Comoros came from the fourth position in Group C to third position due to their persistence and drive. In fact, Comoros had previously lost all games with Gabon and Morocco but won against the Black Stars. Did the Black Stars undermine them?

Ghana would have clearly qualified to the round 16 if they had remained focused but the team concentrated on their wounds than their strengths.

Many football analysts believe that the Referee should not have given a red card to Ayew Dede since his intention was to kick the ball and not to kick the man. It is really sad that the Black Stars must go home on this note.

The Black Stars Coach, Milovan Rajevac has been very emotional throughout the game. It is a sad end for the Black Stars and for a 30-million country.

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