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Managers of football need protection

Mikel Arteta believes that football has to get together to talk about how managers should be safeguarded from vitriol levels that might harm their mental health. The Arsenal manager was speaking after Newcastle United manager Steve Bruce said that he has considered resigning from the sport due to the abuse he has received from Newcastle fans. Arteta previously discussed online threats to his family, and he believes Bruce's remarks should serve as a further wake-up call in attempts to improve the conditions in which individuals in his position operate, emphasizing the fact that his colleague is one of the most experienced managers in the game. As had been largely expected, Bruce left Newcastle on Wednesday.

"After reading Steve's remark, I was incredibly heartbroken," Arteta stated. "You're talking about someone who has been in the game for over 40 years as a player and manager, who has managed over 1,000 games, and he's telling you that he struggles with that sort of scenario with that degree of knowledge and skill." "I believe we must ponder on how we cannot take certain things for granted and accept them as they are." We're also here to improve and alter them, just like we do with any other rules or anything else we want to better for our supporters, fans, stadiums, facilities, and broadcast.

"How about we have an open table and talk about how we can achieve that?" because I believe we should consider it. That is what one of England's most experienced managers is telling you. You can't just turn a blind eye to it. It's a significant statement for me, and it's something that has to change. It must begin to change.” Arteta declined to blame the problem only on the supporters, claiming that the football business as a whole has become so large that the line between discussion and abuse has become dangerously blurry. "You don't have to study to have a strong opinion and be so persuaded [about] what you see and how you assess others," he added. "You don't even have to be a football player." All you have to do is express a strong viewpoint. You mention chemistry. That's something you don't do. You're discussing law, a legal matter, and you don't have an opinion because you have to study, therefore you don't say anything.

"However, you can say anything about football, which is fantastic because it generates debate and opinion... but crossing that line becomes really tough." It's about a man, his family, his loved ones, and the environment, and I believe we need to think about it. I was astonished by how honestly he expressed his feelings, yet I didn't like it."

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