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Four Observations I Made After Ghana's Game Against Portugal

The Game Against Portugal meant a lot to Ghana and as a result the boys carried out their best by playing their hearts out. The usual blame game will certainly set inn but there are some four things I observed during the game.

Firstly, The Decision to use American as a refree and a VAR Official, during my checks on the lineup and other Development, I was saddened when I realized two Americans will handle both the VAR and the Center duty. The memory of 2010 hasn't left them and as a result most won't favor Ghana when they have the Power. The was obvious Ghana was being cheated by referee Ismail Elfath.

Secondly, Substitutions were a big problem, Jordan is good but he needs to work on his game, one of our talented Stars recognized globally, he could have easily taken over from his brother Dede after he retires, The Substitution resulted in two unwarranted goals. I'll urge Jordan to be up and doing because he is a senior player and more is Expected of him.

Thirdly, Ghana Deserved a Penalty after Inaki Williams was held on the leg, was that not noticed by the refree?, success attracts favors like they usually say.

Fourthly, Ghana still lacks a goalkeeper, the goalkeeper we have now is one who needs more time to gain experiences, Ati Zigi did well but I think he needs more time backstage to work on his confidence and skill.

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