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RICHARD OFORI Regarding criticism on social media, opinions on South Africa, advantages, etc.

If coach Charles Aconnor nods his head in the Ghana World Cup qualifying match against Bafana Bafana at the FNB Stadium in Johannesburg, Black Star Deputy Captain Richard Offley will play against his teammates in the South African Super League. . The Orlando Pirates goalkeeper was interviewed by the media before the game. The full transcript is as follows. 

 Reflections on the game 

 This game is very important not only for me but for the whole country. We know how much Ghanaians love this sport and the importance of winning this game. Because we are going to the World Cup, that is the stage where every player wants to play, which is very important for the team and the country. I will face most of the players I know very well. I know their quality, they are very good. But in the final analysis, we must prove that we are Ghana and the most important thing is to win. 

 Regarding playing in South Africa and whether he is playing for Ghana 

 We cannot say that we have an advantage over them, because football has changed now. Everybody knows how to play and every country has developed. A typical example is AFCON in Egypt, which shocked the world recently in Madagascar. 

 But this is a question of who wants it more. Chapter 


 is Determination We have determination. We hope that everything works out well in the game, so that at the end of the game, we make our country proud. 

 Comments and criticisms on social networks 

 First of all, I don't read those things. I will not read them on social media or Twitter. I have never seen anything about myself before; I have not seen anything about myself before. But we are definitely in a country that has higher expectations of us, so wearing this jersey is of great significance because people expect higher. 

 Regarding victory, it is not necessarily a good fight. 

 What our predecessors did made what we are today. This is the nature of our country, so you have to adapt to the pressure and make sure to make them proud by winning. One thing I understand in the game is that of all the great teams in the world, what matters is not how well they play; who wins and who wins the trophy is the most important thing everyone is talking about. matter. 

 So the most important thing is to understand that, as a country, we have to win as a team. The victory is the most important thing, so we entered, we hope that everything goes well, we hope to be able to add the three points.

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