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Meet the 25-year-old man who looks older than his age

Sammy Basso is a young man who is 25 years old from Venice, Italy. He has a rare condition called Huthinson-Gliford Progeria Syndrome ( HGPS). This condition is one of only 179 known cases in the world and this rare condition makes him age faster than his age, and it also makes him different from others. He is 4ft, 6"(1.38cm) tall and also weighs only 44Ibs (20kg).

Sammy is a scientist who has devoted his life to find cure for others who are having this rare condition. He was determined not to be a victim of his condition, he is a molecular biologist and he has also wrote his graduate thesis on progeria.

Sammy is the founder of the Italian Association of Progeria Sammy Basso, a non-profit association which provides information about progeria. He is a very active person and he has a special wheelchair he can sit in it whiles the Sammy-Runners- amateur runners from the local running club takes him for a ride.

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