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Video of the fight between WWE Big show and Mayweather

WWE fans around the world still don't believe world boxing champion once fought with one of the heavy wrestling superstar Big show.

If you were born around 2008 ,2007 or 2009 then you didn't witness the fight between Big show and Mayweather.

Wrestling is one sports which the youth loves,but they always complain if the acts done in the ring is real or its rehearsed before.

A lot of people provide videos and other articles claiming that wrestling is fake or real.

The match between Big show and Mayweather was a real fight, Mayweather appeared in wrestle Mania 24 in Orlando Florida for a clash between The big man.

The match was a no disqualification match, with Mayweather accepting the challenge of big show to face him at Citrus Bowl after the pair met at No way out .

At No way out, Big show knelt down and challenged Mayweather to punch him on his face.After the punch , Floyd Mayweather escaped from the ring and Big show attempted to chase him but he was not allowed.with his bloody face set to fight Mayweather at wrestle Mania 24.

The match came on but unfortunately big show was defeated.

Checkout the video below.

People also normally ask how much did Mayweather earn after he fought with Big show.

A $20 million pay day was given to Mayweather after he took the fight with Big show.

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