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The Oldest Prison, See What Is Found Inside As It Causes A Stir Online

Any country that refuses to learn from the past can never grow seems the past is the a fact of life, hence we must appreciate history as it gives us the opportunity to learn from others' past mistake, making us understand the many reasons why people may behave the way they do.

Africans indeed have horrible memory as we still have evidence at hand for yet unborn generations to know and understand what brought us where we are today, seems the pains inflicted on our forefathers by the Caucasian race that we will never forget.

An old building pops up online which many have no idea of it root causing a huge debate as how come it hasn't collapsed, checking the condition and the environment it was found. All credit goes to the caretakers of this historic building for making we the youth of today to at least have a feel of the brutal memories suffered in the hands of ruthless racists.

I made every effort to track the root of the building, surprisingly it has been established that, this is an existing prison that was constructed by the Germans around 1910 in the heart of the sea in Manoka a town and commune in the Littoral Region, an island in the south of the Wouri estuary of Cameroon.

This prison was used to detain people who were opposed to German rule in Cameroon. Crocodiles were inside the prison and when one was dropped there he had to first battle with the crocodiles before settling it out with the waters. 

When the Germans were defeated at the First World War, they abandoned the area and inside the area, there are close to fifty machine guns that can be seen buried in the waters.

If you think it was only in Western slavery where crocodiles were fed with babies then Cameroonians have an amazing history which tells that in order to have freedom blood was indeed shed.

Cameroon which was found by Portuguese later the Germans took over, after the War the Germans were defeated and everything went back to the hands of British and France, making the country to have been colonized by four different countries as they still have German buildings and bridges there up to date.

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